VK Contest Log

Simple Station Log


A fully functional Station Log requires many more functions than are provided in VKCL, and with so many already available either free or for a small cost, it does not seem worth while developing another one. However many people have found that those station logs have far too many facilities, most of which are never used, but which makes the software difficult to learn and drive, particularly if you are mobile or portable. Therefore I have been persuaded to implement a very simple station log based on what is available in VKCL, and it is not intended to develop it any further.

In a contest, a QSO lasts from 15 to 20 seconds at most, so recording a single time of when it occurred is sufficient. However even contesters are likely to have "normal " QSOs that last for several minutes and it becomes necessary to record both the beginning and the end of the QSO. Normal QSOs can also take place on WARC bands so these were added to the band selection radio buttons. Unlike a contest, a station log would have no end in sight, so the date of the contact, which is already recorded, but now must also be shown on the logging window. Duplicates and points for contacts are not relevant so that is all omitted from the station log. The only output from the station log is an ADIF file, as most likely a proper station log would still be used by most operators and who would want to update it from time to time.

That is about the extent of modification to VKCL to implement a simple station log. The following image shows VKCL configured for a station log:

The "Recall <F2X>" of the normal VKCL is replace by "Start QSO" button, which is pressed when you start the QSO. The button turns green to indicate the QSO is being timed, and the time when you pressed the button is shown above the button.

While you are having the QSO, you can fill in the other entry fields, and at the end of the QSO press the "Log QSO" button to record the QSO. If you pressed the Start QSO button too early, press it again to reset the start time, or press the Clear button to abort logging. There is no checking of entry fields, if the call sign field is empty, QSO is not recorded, but if any other field is left blank, they will be recorded blank and maybe edited later.

The logging window displays more information than normal, including the remarks which are hidden to the right in the above image. All information is essentially duplicated on the ViewLog window but with more filtering facilities. The ADIF file can be generated as usual, but there is no way provided to delete the log after creating the ADIF file. If you want to reset the log to start again, create a new log directory, and manually delete the previous one when you are sure you no longer need it.

As said before, it is not intended to develop the station log any further, but one thing would be nice, a quick change from contest logging to this station log, to record a station that you want to contacts or who wants to contact you but is not in the contest, and then a quick return to the contest. When all else is done, maybe...


Page last updated: 22/11/2011