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Slash-0 Font


The default font used in VKCL is the one used in most of the Windows applications by default, and it is pleasant enough but has one small limitation, the letter-O and the digit-0 are not particularly well differentiated, and in the heat of the contest, it may not be noticed that a wrong character was used.

A TrueType slash-0 Arial font is now being distributed with VKCL, which is very similar to the default font but has a slash across the digit-0. The image below shows the same call sign in the Call Sign field using the new font and in the Cmn/Name using the default font.



The only other place the new font would be used is in the Call Sign entry field of the Edit window, with the default font being used everywhere else.

For the font to be available for use, it must first be "installed" into the Windows font cache, which is a relatively simple operation. In the installation or root directory of VKCL4, where the executable file vkcl.exe should be present, there should also be a file called slash_0.ttf, the font file. Move or copy that file into the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ directory using Windows Explorer. The process of placing a font file in that directory automatically installs the font into the Windows font cache, ready for use.

The installation process needs to be performed only once. If the font is no loger required, move the font file out of that directory, which should be possible if no program is using that font.

Note that using the slash-0 font within VKCL will not change how the call signs are shown in the text files generated and exported by VKCL. Unlike .doc and .pdf files, there is no font information in those text files, only the ASCII codes for the characters to be shown. The font is chosen by the display program, whatever it may be, Notepad, Word, etc.


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