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VKCL/Transceiver Connection


If your transceiver can be connected to a PC via a serial port, then it may be possible for VKCL to monitor the status of your transceiver, such as the frequency it is on and the receiving mode, and to synchronise itself so that contacts are always logged on the correct band and with the right mode

To perform this task, an excellent piece of free third party software is used, called Omni-Rig, developed by Alex, VE3NEA, and available from his web site at http://www.dxatlas.com/OmniRig/.

To quote from his web site "Omni-Rig is a dual interface COM/OLE server for transceiver/receiver control. Its key features are: multi-threading: several programs, even if written by different authors, can control the rig via Omni-Rig at the same time; external rig description files: you can add support of new rig models just by creating ini files describing the CAT commands of the rig".

A good collection of rig description files comes with the software, but if your rig is not there and it does have a PC connection, it may be relatively easy to modify a description file from a similar rig. VKCL only uses the commands in the "read status" section of the description file to monitor the rig, and all the rest of the commands may be disabled.

If you are interested in coupling VKCL with your transceiver, download and install Omni-Rig Runtime package and the Omni-Rig Client software. Use the client software to test the PC to transceiver connection, making sure you can see the frequency and mode changes of the rig with the client. That will ensure that you have set proper RS-232 parameters, particularly RTS and DTR, which may be necessary to determine by trial and error if not given in your transceivers manual.

When the VKCL configuration dialog is started, the Windows Registry is interrogated to determine whether OmniRig software is installed, and if so, a Start Omni-Rig button appears on the configuration dialog, above the Select/New Folder button.

Click on the button and wait for the Omni-Rig software to be initialised. When ready, the button will change to Stop Omni-Rig. Exit config dialog (there is no need to save the config dialog, but no harm is done if it is) and the VKCL band and mode settings should become aligned with those on the transceiver, and also disabled so that they are now only set by the transceiver. The actual frequency of the transceiver and mode are shown on the right of the VKCL window.

See Setup/Transceiver Connection in Help files for some operational information.



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Page last updated: 21/ 9/2006.