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Multi-Operator Support


VKCL provides multi-operator support for some of the Australian contests, if they have the following provisions in their rules:

  • Only one transmitter is allowed per band, and,
  • Independent serial numbers may be used on each band.


Separate PCs are required for logging for each transmitter in use, but a transmitter may be used for more than one band and the logging performed on the PC for that transmitter with single installation of VKCL on that PC. Operations for any band may be transferred from one transmitter to another if desired, because the serial numbers (if used) as well as being independent on each band may also be set to start on any number. When transferring therefore, the serial number on the new PC is set to the next serial number to be used on the previous PC.

After the contest, one of the PCs is designated as the 'master' and the partial logs in all the other PCs are exported in ADIF format. The partial logs from all the other PCs are then transferred to the master PC by whatever means are convenient, e.g. network, diskettes, etc. and imported in ADIF format. The consolidated log for the multi-operator station can then be created in the master PC.

Some intrnational contests have a Mult-Two category, allowing the use of two transmitters simultaneously, but require identification in column 81 of their Cabrillo logs which transmitter made each contact. This is done by putting character '0' in column 81 for contacts logged by the 'master' PC, as defined above, and a character '1' for all imported contacts via the ADIF file, presumably from the other transmitter. (No networking is implemented for the international contests.)

For national contests, if all the PCs are networked, then during the contest each operator may monitor what bands or frequencies other operators in the group are using, so that they may switch to an unused band, or announce on air occasionally where other operators in their group are looking for contacts.



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Page last updated: 25/ 7/2010.