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International Contests

There are numerous logging programs available for all international contests, both free and share-ware, so it seems totally unnecessary to add another one, particularly as some of them have been in existence since the beginning of useful personal computers and now have a very good track record for stability, feature set, and usefulness. The reason for writing VK Contest Log (VKCL) was that these international logging programs do not cater very well for contests that are of local interest, such as RD and VK/trans Tasman, but as all programs require different logging procedures, so once VKCL was written, the author preferred to use it also for all other contests of interest rather than learning to use another logging program.

VKCL therefore directly supports the following international contests:

  • the Oceania DX contest, first weekend in October for SSB, second weekend in October for CW,
  • the CQ World Wide DX contest, last weekend in October for SSB, last weekend in November for CW,
  • the CQ World Wide WPX contest, last weekend in March for SSB, last weekend in May for CW,
  • the ARRL 10-Meter contest, second weekend in December for both CW and SSB.
  • the Russian DX contest, third weekend in March for both CW and SSB.
  • the All Asian DX contest, third weekend in June for CW, and first weekend in September for SSB.

VKCL supports the above contests directly, requiring no re-configuration of the logging program except to select the required contest and provide the necessary information regarding the category, modifiers such as QRP, and exchange information if other than serial numbers. Cabrillo contest logs are generated ready for e-mailing as required by these contests. ADIF compatible export is also implemented for transferring contact information to your computerised stations logs.

VKCL can also be installed more than once, using different directories, and run simultaneously, for example to cover different categories of the same contest.

Many of the above contests require country and prefix information to work out multipliers, etc, for which you will need a DXCC countries prefix list. Prior to VKCL Ver 2p11, the one implemented was K2DI's DXCC list (file dxcck2di.txt), available for download from Central Oregon DX Club and ARRL. The only problem was that that file is not complete and is not updated very often.

From VKCL Ver 2.11, the Prefix.lst file as used in VE3NEAs BandMaster and DX Atlas programs has been implemented. It is in public domain and the latest available copy is distributed with VKCL on each release..The file can also be downloaded from www.dxatlas.com/Dev as part of the Prefix Database, and the file should be copied to the directory where VKCL is installed.

Note: If you are interested in propagation, visit IARU/NCDXF International Beacons Reception at VK3AVV page, from where you can also access other beacon monitoring stations around the world.



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Page last updated: 25/01/2008.