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VKCL Version 4.3.1

14th November 2017

A "small" bug has been discovered which affects only Station Log usage on 10m. If you don't use Station Log, there is no need to upgrade a previous Ver. 4.3.0 installation.

This is the latest version of VKCL with an optional enhancement for the VHF-UHF field day. When all information has been entered and the contact is ready to be saved, the Log QSO button flashes green to remind you to save the contact. See help for more information. (This option can be turned off if found annoying.)

Note the upload log facility available for the VHF-UHF field day, described below.

Always check for updates for any contest close to the contest date.

Another "local" HF contest will appear early in 2018, the Indonesian DX contest (YBDX), supported by VKCL. Unfortunately it will held at the same time as the Summer VHF-UHF field day, but may be of interest to HF only contesters. The rules for the contest are here.

VKCL Version 4 Installation

The installation process for Version 4 is identical to the previous versions. The new version installs into a different folder, C:\VKCL4 by default, and a shortcut labeled VKCL4 appears on your desktop. Both versions can co-exist in the same computer, and if necessary, run at the same time without interference to each other. (The shortcut image is the same as before, only with a new label. To avoid confusion it may be useful to delete the VKCL3 shortcut. You can always activate Ver 3 by navigating to the installation folder C:\VKCL3 and double clicking on the VKCL3.exe there.)

The help files for Ver 4 are reasonably complete and should be perused as time permits or when in doubt how to proceed. If a satisfactory answer is not found, email to the author as above. Suggestions as to what else should be included in the help files, or what parts could be elaborated, are welcome. (No promise that every suggestion will be implemented, but it will be appreciated.)

After several requests, a very simple "station log" has been implemented in VKCL. The page here describes what was implemented in VKCL3, but it has been extended in VKCL4 and better described in the help files.

As always, please report any problems in installation or use of VKCL.

VHF-UHF Field Day Log Uploads

(For other contests, follow instructions given in the rules for the contest.)

Thanks to Marc, VK3OHM (yes, he is on the cover of the 2017 Call Book, and yes, he is also on the cover of the March 2017 Amateur Radio magazine), who wrote and installed the necessary software at the WIA web site, VKCL can now directly upload your log(s) to the WIA web site without you having to find the log files on your computer.

After creating a log and returning to the Contest Log Output dialog window, a large button on bottom left appears labeled Upload Existing Log. Pressing that button opens the following upload dialog;

After entering a description of the log being uploaded, press the UPLOAD button to perform the upload. More information is available in the help files. Please use this facility, and if you do not care about the results, just describe your log as a 'Check Log' as in the example above. It will help in cross-checking other logs and give the contest manager a better overview of what happened during the field day. (Add "No report" if you do not wish to receive a Log Check Report either.)

Still being hopeful that the review will happen one day, the notes prepared some time ago, although probably not exhaustive or complete, may still be useful as a prompt for your input to the review. The notes can be seen on this page (recently revised), and the page also includes some suggestions and questions regarding the cross-checking of logs after the contest.

Please submit your logs! You didn't really participate if you didn't submit your log!

Voice and CW keying for VKCL

Currently an omission from VKCL is any form of voice or CW keying facilities. Many transceivers have such facilities built-in, but for those that do not, Greg, VK3VT, has developed a comprehensive keying system for both voice and CW using additional free utilities.

The setup of the keying is written specifically for the Remembrance Day contest, but can be adapted for any other contest. You can download the setup instructions and the required scripts from the NERG web site. (According to the web site, "It has been tested with Version 4 of VKCL and it works great.".)

Contest Radar

The ContestRadar web site has been upgraded to accept 8-char locators. Distance calculations in VKCL are always made using 6-char locators, but use and exchange of higher accuracy locators is useful to give better accuracy for where to point your antennas.

Contest radar may be updated from VKCL when configuring the VHF-UHF Field Day, or directly at ContestRadar map before the contest.


There has been some interest in the use of transverters with VKCL. Since it is no longer possible to determine the band from OmniRig input, additional input is required to VKCL for that purpose. The page here (revised Aug 2016) describes what will be implemented in the next major version of VKCL, Ver.4, that will be 'released' when the rules for the VHF-UHF Field Days are finalised and implemented.

Among other enhancements, Ver. 4 will use a much more reliable, albeit a bit slower, database, SQLLite3, which can be fully networked so that multi-operator stations can log all contacts to one database.

A slash-0 font is distributed with VKCL which is easy to install and differentiates letter-O and digit-0 more unambiguously. (The font file is also distributed withVKCL4.)


Page last updated on 1/ 11/2017



Click on following link to download:

VKCL Version 4.3.1

Check for viruses, and run the file to start the installation.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to create the database with the version of VKCL you will be using, in case there was a change in database structure. That is, DO NOT use any existing empty database created by a previous version.


Please email comments, suggestions, and problems to

(You van check for new versions of VKCL from the 'About' page if connected to the Internet.)


Ver 4 supports all contests supported by the previous Ver 3 of VKCL. There should be no need to use Ver 3 for any future contest.

However, all versions of VKCL support only the current rules for a contest. So if you want to look at a previous contest for which the rules have changed, you will need to use the same version as used when logging, otherwise the log would be interpreted according to the current rules, if it can be viewed at all.

Contact the author for any previous VKCL versions.

73, Mike, VK3AVV

For information, email to:


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