Beacon Reception at VK3AVV


  • The beacon monitoring station is part of an amateur radio station that does get used sometimes. At those times, monitoring is suspended to prevent damage to the receiver.
  • The Faros measurements are saved to two files every 15 minutes, the time it takes to make a measurement on all 18 beacons on all 5 bands. The two files are then uploaded about a minute later to the web site. The display should therefore update soon after the quarter of each hour.
  • Archived beacon measurement data exists for online access as from 2007-09-13. The data can be traversed in either direction in one day increments (<-d or d->), one week increments (<-w or w->), aproximately one month (30 days) increments (<-m or m->), or in yearly increments (<- y or y->). If display goes blank, you have probably moved beyond the range of available data, use smaller increment.
  • Raw Faros data logs are available on request. Please email as below.


For information, suggestions, or comments, please email to Mike: